About ReThink

First and foremost - we are sisters. We decided to start our company based on a very simple principle: Truth in advertising. Products and services should perform as they claim. Additionally, we feel that products should be safe and as natural as possible. If there is any question about the safety of an ingredient, we don't use it. Synthetic dyes? Nope. Perfumes or fragrances? No way. Sulfates? Never. Parabens? Out of the question!

Careful thought is given to the selection of each of our ingredients. We research their origin, properties and benefits. Our ingredients come from natural, organic, and/or certified fair trade sources. Our containers are recyclable and are made in the USA. We use only necessary ingredients - meaning no fillers - and we always use the maximum allowable concentrations of performance ingredients.

ReThink Staff

Amy Badeaux - licensed esthetician

My goal is to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. From my education and experience as a Skin Care Specialist, I have learned that restoring balance to your skin is one of the keys to correcting a myriad of skin issues and concerns. I have often found that the solution to your skincare needs and concerns is much simpler than what you may already be doing in your daily routine. I understand that our clients are busy and do not have the time for a lengthy home skincare routine. By using our simple home care products in conjunction with our affordable professional treatment services you will find that healthy beautiful skin is much more achievable than you ever thought.

Erin Peters - cosmetic chemist

I have struggled with allergies and sensitive skin my whole life. I can get sunburned on a cloudy day and break out in hives if the shower is too hot! It seemed like within a few months of trying a new product, my skin would start to reject it. I began researching natural skin care and was surprised by all of the fillers, preservatives, dyes and perfumes that most commercial lines contain. Most of those ingredients were the source of my sensitivities. My goal with ReThink Skincare is to develop natural high quality products that meet and exceed the needs of the most demanding consumer: me.